Thursday, 19 April 2018

Rising Water Pollution Concerns to Drive POU Water Treatment Systems Demand

As per the findings of a recent research report published by Grand View Research, Inc.; the point of use water treatment systems market is likely to reach at $ 34.1 billion by 2025. A POU water treatment involves a system that is attached directly to the faucets or any water source. Such systems provide excellent-quality water by eradicating any impurities in it such as limescale, nitrates, and so on. Some of the key benefits of using these systems are that they offer a cost-effective method to improve the quality of water and are also are easy to install. These systems come in a variety of types such as counter-top filters, tabletop pitchers, under-the-sink filters, faucet-mounted filters, and others.
Manufacturers of water treatment and filtration systems invest heavily in R&D activities for novel product and technology development. For instance, Franke Holding AG recently introduced a brand new Bluetooth-enabled water filtration system called StillPure Filtration System. The new system is part of their latest collection of various luxury faucets, kitchen, and sinks solutions and is a first of its kind to integrate the usage of Bluetooth connection and smartphone device. The StillPure Filtration System enables its users to check the quality, as well as consumption, of water with the help of a smartphone device.

An exclusive FM100 module connects to the under-sink water filtration device and transfers the data regarding water quality and usage to the smartphone app called StillPure Franke Filtration App. It shows the water filtration system’s water usage in gallons on the user’s smartphone. This app also sends filter change alerts and allows users to purchase new filters from the app itself.

The global point of use (POU) water treatment systems market is predicted to witness a healthy growth rate of 8.1 % during the forecast years, i.e., from 2017 to 2025. A rise in health consciousness along with the increased urban population and water pollution levels across the globe are said to be the major factors driving the market growth. A. O. Smith Corp.; EcoWater Systems LLC; LG Electronics Inc.; Pentair; and Culligan International Company are some of the leading players in the worldwide POU water treatment systems market.

In-Depth Research Report On Plastic Point of Use Water Treatment Systems Market:

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