Thursday, 19 April 2018

Plastic Processing Machinery Market is Predicted to Reach at USD 43.7 billion by 2025

According to the findings of a research report published by Grand View Research, Inc.; the global plastic processing machinery market is predicted to reach at USD 43.7 billion by 2025. Plastic processing are the methods used to transform plastic materials into different forms such as granules, pellets, sheets, etc. Plastic can be processed with different methods including compression, machining, molding, extrusion, thermoforming, forging, casting, and many others. The processing methods usually depend on production rate, equipment cost, tooling cost, etc. High tooling equipment cost methods are used for large-scale production.

Plastic Processing Machinery Market

 Some of the latest advances in the field of plastic processing machinery involve the developments in the method of plastic injection molding. These developments include gas injection technique (GIT), water injection technique (WIT), and dual-shot injection molding. In GIT, the plastic injection is supported by the injection of pressurized gas, usually nitrogen, into the mold. Nitrogen is dry, odorless, and non-toxic gas that can contact melts at higher temperatures without causing corrosion or splay. Water injection technique finds an increasing usage in smaller and larger part applications where it can help simplify part designs by developing more uniform wall thickness. The technique is particularly useful in the manufacturing of rod-shaped components with larger diameters. On account of better cooling effect of water as compared to gas, the cooling period and thus the overall cycle time is reduced significantly in the production of the components with larger diameters.

The global plastic processing machinery demands are anticipated to expand at a healthy growth rate of 5.7 % during the forecast years (from 2017 to 2025). Rising trend of mechanized packaging for enhanced packaging quality are considered the key factors driving the market growth. Moreover, strict regulations regarding depletion and recyclability of the traditional materials, like wood, have resulted in an increased demand for plastic materials across different industries. This is also expected to augment the market growth over the coming years. Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.; The Japan Steel Works, Ltd.; Persimmon Technologies Corp.; and Arburg GmbH + Co KG are some of the top companies operating in the global plastic processing machinery market.

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