Sunday, 7 January 2018

Polyacrylic Acid-Based Polymers to Simplify Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Polyacrylic acid (PAA) is a compound name for various polymers of acrylic acid. The compound and its derivatives find application as dispersing, thickening, and emulsifying agents. Major applications include detergents, house cleaners, water and waste water treatment, disposable diapers, and adhesives.

Polyelectrolytes derived from PAA possess the capacity to absorb and retain water many times its original weight. Thus, super absorbent polymers are being used in the agricultural sector to optimize water usage. The focus on corrosion inhibitors to treat industrial waters in industries in the U.S. is expected to have a positive impact on product demand. For instance, Thermo Fisher Scientific has used PAA at various nuclear plants for preventing rusting of their tubes and systems.

Excellent Pollutant Remover

The increasing dependence on nuclear power plants for energy purposes has given rise to harmful pollutants like uranium. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, PAA-based hydrogels have shown success in cleaning uranium particulates from power plants due to their high absorbent capacity. The absorbing capacity of PAA has also being witnessed in an experiment by the Inner Mongolia University of Technology in China to remove lead from waste waters in a lead-acid battery production plant.

Market Overview

The global polyacrylic acid market is projected to generate revenue close to USD 3.8 billion by 2025, according to a report published by Grand View Research, Inc. Rise in number of consumers has led to PAA’s use as a key component in production of household cleaners and laundry detergents. Government campaigns encouraging the growth of the agricultural sector is expected to provide new growth opportunities for super absorbent polymers. Use of bio-based raw materials for future production of PAA may be beneficial to market growth. Novozymes, Cargill, and BASF have already collaborated on a method to successfully produce polyacrylic acid on a large scale to sustain their production of super absorbent polymers.

Key market players include The Lubrizol Corporation, Kemira Oyj, BASF SE, and The Dow Chemical Company.

In-Depth Research Report On Polyacrylic Acid Market:

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