Thursday, 18 January 2018

Advanced Agriculture Enzymes Emerging as Crop Savior

Thriving demand for organic food and several competitive strategies have developed the use of agricultural enzymes over chemicals. These agricultural enzymes are basically bioactive proteins, which are used to yield food and to protect them from pests. Use of such bioactive protein in agriculture also helps improve crop efficiency and growth. In addition, agricultural enzymes are also being used to decompose agricultural waste and to enhance soil fertility.

Agricultural Enzymes Market 

Product Benefits

Major product variants of agricultural enzymes are phosphatases, sulfatases, and dehydrogenases. In 2016, phosphatases dominated the market in terms of demand. Use of phosphatases in agriculture helps in catalyzing the Phosphorus cycle (P cycle), which is further correlated to plant growth and phosphorus stress. These types of enzymes are also used as an indicator for phosphorus deficiency and soil fertility. Increased number of animal parasites is also effecting the growth of agriculture by destroying cultivated crops. Controlled use of enzymes can alleviate growth of parasites in the arable land.

Moreover, dehydrogenase enzymes are used for the biological oxidation of soil organic matter through transfer of hydrogen from organic substrates from inorganic acceptors. Such enzymes also act as an indicator for various soil microbial activities. Considering these properties of dehydrogenase, most agricultural research institutes are trying to improve these agriculture enzymes with the help of innovative methods. For instance, a team of researchers from the University of Western Australia along with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has discovered a new enzyme called succinate dehydrogenase. The enzyme can mediate stress signaling in plants. Any tiny mutation in the enzyme indicates that the plant is not able to fight against pathogens.

Market Insights

Increasing demand for organic food and adoption of competitive business strategies by the key players can propel the the global agricultural enzymes market. Useful properties of enzymes such as protection from pests and enhancement of crop fertility can also augment the market growth. In addition, growing disposable income and population in the developing countries can drive the market at over 12.6% CAGR from 2017 to 2025, states Grand View Research, Inc.

Some of the prominent players in the market for agricultural enzymes are Enzyme India Pvt. Ltd., Novozymes, Syngenta, BASF, and Creative Enzyme.

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