Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Long-standing Shortage of Potable Water to Promote Advancements in Water Desalination Equipment

Over the past few years, popularity of water desalination has increased tremendously. It has emerged as a reliable option for addressing burgeoning water scarcity caused by climate change, population growth, industrial development, and pollution. Advancements in this technology have led to increased energy efficiency and reduced costs, thereby escalating the uptake of water desalination equipment.

Water desalination is a process of separating salts and other minerals from salinized water from sources, including sea and river. The process is carried out using desalination equipment, whose primary components comprise pumps, valves, energy recovery unit, actuated valves, filtration unit, connecting hoses, and separators.

Development of Graphene-based Hybrid Desalination Membrane for Agriculture

Shortage of potable water is one of the long-standing problems faced by humans. Therefore, high attention is being paid to development of technologies that are cost-efficient and ensure sustainable supply of fresh water for different applications. For instance, scientists from Penn State Materials Research Institute developed a simple and sturdy hybrid desalination membrane that can provide clean water for agriculture and one-day human consumption.  The membrane is graphene-based, working on a spray-on technology. It can withstand high pressure, intense cross-flow, and chlorine exposure.

Market Insights

Favorable government policies can support the growth of the global water desalination equipment market, finds Grand View Research Inc. Several governments worldwide are recognizing sea as an alternative to traditional fresh aqua sources, which in turn is expected to increase deployment of water desalination equipment. Dwindling fresh-water resources are further expected to augment the market.

On the other hand, high capital required for development and deployment of water desalination plants can negatively impact market growth. Besides this, water desalination equipment consumes high energy, which limits its widespread adoption.

The market is fragmented in nature, with no clear leader. Most players are focusing on development of novel technologies to cut down energy consumption and boost product efficiency. This is expected to help them gain a competitive edge in the global arena. Some of the prominent companies operating in the market are Koch Membrane Systems (KMS), Genesis Water Technologies, GE Corporation, IDE Technologies, and Hyflux Ltd.

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