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Flexible Offshore Mooring Systems Ensuring Optimization of Operations

Anchors hold ships and floating vessels stationed in deep waters. These vessels are confined from the movement of the water thanks to the mooring system, making this system an integral part of subsea production facilities. This system includes anchors, mooring line, and connectors. The mooring lines hold the anchor base on the sea or ocean floor, preventing the vessel from floating away.

Noah-FPSO Hull Supports Flexibility in Design

In April 2017, Mitsui Engineers & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was presented with the Bureau Veritas Approval in Principle (AIP) approval for “noah-FPSO Hull” and connected construction technique and design, in compliance with the American Bureau of Shipping.
“New Offshore Adapted Hull” or “Noah” is an up-gradation of the conventional Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO). The noah-FPSO allows a customizable approach to construction and design based on production needs, as compared to making changes in production facilities to suit the hull’s design.

Offshore Mooring Systems Market

The Noah-FPSO Hull brings with it unique features; for instance, the hull is compatible with other operational fields as a platform. This allows optimization of operations, maintenance, and the Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation (EPCI) process. This modular design is also compatible with a wide range of field requirements and this supports flexibility in design changes, which is common in FPSO endeavors.

The hull has a wider deck, allowing the installation of heavier and complex topsides. It is made of 2-dimentional bending plates, which reduces construction costs and improves operability against green water or slamming loading. The steady aft/fore and parallel-body module with adjustable length can be manufactured at various shipyards.

Mitsui has also launched “noah-Alliance” to provide speedy solutions for any challenges that can occur in these initiatives. This system will join any shipyard, globally, to construct the hulls with the help of the company’s services.

Market Insights

The offshore mooring systems market is projected to value USD 1.32 billion by 2025, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Rise in development of high-temperature gas hydrate basins can drive the market.

Mampaey Offshore Industries B.V., Single Point Mooring Systems, Offspring International, and ScanaIndustrier ASA. are key players in this market. These players provide components, system design, technology services, and planning to offshore oil and gas industries.

In-Depth research report on Offshore Mooring Systems Market:

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